Give your inflatable dog ramp a good cleaning

So, you’ve got this handy-dandy inflatable dog ramp, but let’s look at the real problem: it’s going to get dirty at some point. Keeping it clean is a must for your pup’s safety and your own peace of mind.


Here’s a no-fuss guide to getting that ramp squeaky clean:

Stuff You’ll Need

Soapy Water: Grab some mild soap or a pet-friendly cleaner. We don’t want any harsh chemicals near your furry buddy.

Soft Brush or Cloth: You’ll need something gentle to scrub away the gunk without scratching up the ramp.

Water: plain old water for rinsing.

Towels or rags: Have ’em handy for drying.

Here’s how you do it

Get the ramp ready

First things first, deflate that inflatable dog ramp. Lay it flat on a clean surface, making sure there are no sharp things or obstacles around that could poke holes in it.

Kick Out the Dust

Take a soft brush or cloth and gently sweep away all the loose dirt, pet hair, or whatever else might be clinging to the ramp. Start at one end and work your way to the other, brushing in the same direction as the ridges or textures on the ramp.

Mix up the cleaning mix

Grab a bucket and mix some mild soap or pet-friendly cleaner with warm water. Make sure it’s not too strong; a well-diluted solution is the way to go.


Dip your soft brush or cloth into the cleaning mix and give the whole ramp a good scrubdown. Pay extra attention to any spots that look extra dirty or stained. Be thorough, but don’t go all Hulk on it; we want to clean it, not wreck it.

Wash Off the Suds

Once you’ve scrubbed to your heart’s content, rinse off all that soapy stuff with clean water. You can use a hose or just a bucket of clean water—your choice. Make sure you get rid of all the soap to keep things safe for your pup.

Dry It Out

Use some towels or rags to get that ramp good and dry. You want both sides—the top and the bottom—to be completely moisture-free. No dampness allowed, ’cause that’s how mold and mildew parties start.

Inspect and repair

Now, while the ramp’s deflated and dry, give it a once-over. Look for any holes, rips, or damage. If you find any, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to patch them up before you inflate the ramp again.

Store It Right

Once your ramp is spick and span, store it the way the manufacturer recommends. Roll it up or fold it up—just do what they say. And make sure it chills in a cool, dry spot away from the blazing sun.

Some extra tips

Clean your inflatable dog ramp regularly, especially if it’s getting a lot of use or hanging out outside.

If your pup has a little accident on the ramp, don’t wait; clean it up pronto to dodge stains and funky smells.

Stay away from harsh stuff like abrasive scrubbers or strong chemicals when cleaning. They can mess up your ramp’s surface.

If your ramp has a removable cover, clean it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


By following these easy steps and giving your inflatable dog ramp regular TLC, you’ll keep it in tip-top shape, ensuring a comfy and safe journey for your furry pal every time they use it.



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