How to Handle Line Knots and Tangles with Your Telescopic Fishing Rod

Fishing with a telescopic fishing rod is a blast, but dealing with line knots and tangles? Not so much. Let’s dive into some straightforward tips to keep your fishing adventure smooth and knot-free.


Here are the tips and solutions:

Avoiding knots is cool

The easiest way to deal with line messes is to avoid them from the get-go. Here’s the lowdown:

Keep your fishing line tidy and clean. Rinse it off after use to get rid of any gunk.

Don’t stuff your reel spool to the brim. Overfilling is a tangle-inviting party.

When you’re spooling your line, do it evenly and calmly. No uneven drama.

Get Friendly with Knots

The right knots can make all the difference. Stick with the ones that won’t play tricks on you. Think improved clinch knots, Palomar knots, and loop knots for your terminal choice.

Give Gear the Once-Over

Before you cast off, give your gear a quick scan. Check your line, guides, and reel for any wear or tear. Frayed lines or janky guides spell trouble.

Hook Up Right

Make sure your hooks, lures, and swivels are hitched up correctly. A wonky setup can give your line a bad twist.

Smooth tying is Key

When you tie, don’t get all wild and jerky. Smooth, controlled knots are the way to go. Less chance of a twisty tangle.

Deal with knots head-on

If you spot a knot, don’t ignore it. Handle it like a pro.

Simple Knot

Loosen it up by gently pulling both ends. Trim any extra lines with scissors or nail clippers.

Baitcaster Backlash

Get that tangled line off the spool. Slowly reel it back while maintaining tension to avoid more mess.

Wind Knot

These happen when your line is not happy with the spool. Evenly re-spool your line, and the knot should vanish.

Loop Knot

Give those loops a gentle tug to straighten things out. Use your fingers to smooth out the kinks.

Twist and Shout (Don’t)

Line twist is often knot central. Keep it at bay.

Swivels are your buddies when your lures are twirling-happy.

Keep an eye on the twist-o-meter during your trip and fix it if needed.

Consider using a line with low memory. It’s twist-resistant.

Knot Reboot

After you land a fish or change your setup, retying your knots is a smart move. It keeps them strong and ready.

Stay Zen and Patient

Knots can test your patience, but don’t let them win. Rushing to fix things can make them worse. Take it slow and untangle with care.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any skill, practice makes you a knot-tying wizard. Spend some time at home practicing your knot game, and you’ll breeze through it on your fishing trips.


By following these steps and maintaining good fishing habits, you’ll conquer line knots and tangles with your telescopic fishing rod. Remember, avoiding trouble in the first place is your best bet. But when knots happen, stay cool and use the right moves to set things straight. Fishing is all about fun, so let’s keep it that way!🎣🔗



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