Prominent Hints That Show A Fixed Screw Compressor Needs Repayment

You might be wondering what an air compressor is and why we spend our money on its maintenance of it. So an air compressor is a device that has prominent functions in our daily life. It is readily used in applications where increased pressure and a decrease in the volume of a gas are needed.

Mostly it is used in inflated tires, inflatable balloons, filling cylinders with gas, spraying crops, ventilating silos, especially in agricultural facilities and operating dry cleaners during the laundry process, and many more.

So an air compressor is used in industries and daily life. There are various kinds of air compressors available at WOMANO and a prominent one is fixed screw compressors. You can go url of it and will know why we need to repair and maintain a fixed screw compressor.

Symptoms of Not Well-Fixed Speed Compressor

Proper care is needed while handling machines as well. If you want them to be productive and efficient at work, you must take proper care of them. Now, we are telling you some symptoms that will indicate the deteriorating health of your compressor. Never ignore such signals.


If your air compressor is not operating, it is a symptom that your fixed screw compressor is not okay and is facing some problem that you need to repair in case you want to function properly.


If you are witnessing air leakage in the compressor, it means it has some internal problem that needs a resolution. So never ignore such symptoms. For proper functioning of air compressors quickly repair them.


Usually, air compressors do not make too much noise. So, if you are experiencing noise pollution because of your air compressor, it shows that something is wrong with the compressor and that the problem needs to be fixed. Excessive noise is a very important signal that tells you something is wrong with your compressor.


There is a fixed time when you change the oil. Oil changing is necessary for the proper functioning of your compressor. But, if you are noticing that the oil is not lasting long. It is a signal that tells that the fixed screw compressor needs some treatment and care.


If the compressor lacks power, it means it is not functioning properly. You need to check if it is facing some kind of internal issue.

Switch Failure

Switch failure is also a problem that air compressors usually face. Sometimes, the air compressor fails to power on, due to a gap between the inner circuitry and the pressure switch. If this happens, call a mechanic immediately.

Discharge Air

If you notice a large amount of oil in the compressors, discharge air. This is also a serious problem that indicates the worsening situation of your fixed screw compressor. So, do not take it lightly and immediately call a mechanic so he can check and fix your compressor.


Pressure is a key component in the working of a fixed screw compressor. Without the proper pressure, the compressor cannot perform its tasks. If your compressor is not building enough pressure, it is possible that the compressor is not fine. So check it immediately and resolve the issue.

Temperature of Air

If the air coming out of the compressor is too hot. It means something is wrong with the compressor. A little signal like the temperature of the air can be the indicator of a big problem with your screw compressor. So do not ignore it.

Ending Remarks

Proper care of the fixed screw compressor is very necessary. With proper care, you can utilize it to its maximum power. There are a few signals that you can notice that will tell you about the health of your compressor. The temperature of the air, excessive noises coming out of it, lack of power, not enough pressure building, etc. indicate that something is wrong with your compressor.



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