Ugreen Huawei Supercharge USB-C Cables-All You Need to Know

Not all USB-C cables are associated with fast charging. Still, whenever it comes to fast charging, USB-C cables are the first option used for this purpose. USB-C cables become popular right after their use in the latest iPhone ultra-fast charging.

However, these cables are not only used in iPhones, but smart and android phones are also using these cables for superfast charging applications. One such example of USB-C cables used in the Huawei supercharge.

Right after Samsung, Huawei is the second-largest smartphone selling brand, with their purchase more than the iPhone. As these phones are so popular in the world, the company is continuously improving the quality of their phones.

As charging is the biggest concern associated with phone usage, most people prefer superfast chargers and charging cables to save their time and better performance. If you are also a Huawei user, then the Ugreen supercharge USB-C cables is the absolute solution for your smartphone charging.

Here are some of the important features of Ugreen USB-C cables that you need to know before buying these cables.

1. Ultra-Fast Charging

As the name indicates, the Ugreen USB-C cables support the 5A supercharge. Due to their 5A charging current delivery, these cables can fully charge the Huawei P20 within just 1.5 hours, making them ideal for your supercharge phones.

Due to fast charging, you can save 80% of charging time compared with other regular cables.

2. Data Synchronization

With the fast charging speed, the Ugreen Huawei USB-C cables also have a fast data transfer speed. These cables can transfer 480-megabyte data within just a second, which makes them ideal data sync cables.

3. Stable Charging

The Huawei supercharge USB type C cables have superior quality connectors that help them fit perfectly into all the USB sockets and avoid poor contact.

4. Durable Construction

The quality of charging cables ensures their life, performance, and safe use. The Ugreen Huawei USB-C cables are made from multiple layers of premium materials to ensure a fast charging and syncing rate.

These cables have a covering of;

  • Timed copper
  • Nylon yarn
  • GND
  • Aluminum foil
  • Metal braid
  • TPE jacket
  • Nylon shielding

All these coverings make these cables sturdy and flexible so they can resist 10000+ bending and insertions.

5. Compatibility

The Ugreen USB-C cables have a wide range of compatibility for multiple Huawei phones, including;

  • Huawei P20, P20 lite, P20 pro, mate 10, 10 pro, mate RS, mate 9 pro, and many others.
  • Other than Huawei, these cables can also be used for Samsung, honor note, nexus, LG, and other devices.

6. Safe Charging

Unlike other local charging cables, the Ugreen Huawei USB-C cables have a built-in smart charging chip with a resistor. This chip ensures the safe charging of smartphones against over-charging and over-heating.


If you are among the list of Huawei users, USB-C cables will surely make the charging applications convenient and time-saving. Ugreen offers quality products to their customers with the best customer service and reasonable prices.

Check to check the complete cable collections and pick one according to your requirements.



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