Why Cats Go Wild with Cat Kicker Toys?

Ever seen your cat turn into a tiny tornado when faced with one of those cat kicker toys? You’re not alone. Cats have a knack for attacking these toys like they’re on a mission. So, what’s the deal with this feline frenzy?


Let’s discuss it in simple terms.

Natural Hunter Mode

First things first: cats are born hunters. They’ve got those built-in instincts to stalk, pounce, and “catch” prey. Kicker toys? Well, they just happen to look like perfect prey. So, when your cat goes into full-on predator mode, they’re basically practicing their hunting skills.

Stress Buster

You know how squeezing a stress ball can help humans calm down? Think of kicker toys as the cat’s version of that stress ball. Cats sometimes attack them to release tension and pent-up energy. It’s like a kitty stress-relief session.

Workout Time

Cats need exercise to stay in shape, just like us. Those kicker toys provide the perfect outlet for a workout. When your cat goes all ninja on the toy, it’s their way of staying fit and fabulous.

Brain Massage

Mental workouts are important for cats too. Attacking a kicker toy isn’t just physical; it’s a mental exercise. It’s like solving a puzzle, and it keeps their minds sharp and agile. Boredom? Not on their watch.

Fun and Games

Cats love to play, and attacking a kicker toy is just one of their many games. It’s not aggression; it’s pure playfulness. Whether they’re playing alone or with you, these toys are a source of endless entertainment.

Quality time with humans

When your cat invites you to play with their kicker toy, it’s a bonding moment. They might want to show off their hunting prowess or simply want you to join their playtime party. It’s their way of saying, “Let’s have some fun together!”

Marking Territory

Cats have scent glands in their paws, and when they “attack” a kicker toy, they might be leaving their scent on it. It’s like saying, “This toy is mine! It’s a common cat thing and makes them feel more at home.

Energy Release

Cats have bursts of energy, especially during their active hours. Attacking a kicker toy helps them burn off that excess energy. It’s like their version of a cardio workout.


In a nutshell, cats go wild with cat kicker toys because they tap into their natural hunting instincts, help them de-stress, give them a good workout, keep their brains active, let them have fun, strengthen their bond with you, and allow them to mark their territory. So, next time you witness your kitty’s kicker toy frenzy, remember it’s all part of being a cat!



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